“Fake your death to fool your enemies” Niccolo Machiavelli.

Posted by : MALACHIAN

About two years ago or so I posted an article on my blog, on how Issiass Afeworki’s actions are related to Niccolo Machiavelli’ teachings. And the relation about the other evil books that teach about power , seduction , boldness e.t.c on relation to mr. Afeworki .

“Fake your death to fool your enemies” . This is a famous quote by one of the world’s most controversial and powerful Italian war strategist, writer, philosopher and historian Niccolo Machiavelli. In simple , In his teaching , he advocates if a leader fakes his death/is out of sight for some time, he can come back attack his enemies again. The leader can know who is his real treat and rumors can bring him informations about people who are hungry for power. And also helps him to understand and gives him a bird-eye view on how the land is managed without him. And also most important is to let the people to know and to understand how important he is . Because most dictators after being in power for so long they consider themselves as the fathers of the nation or as a unifying figures or simply as people who knows the best for their people.


One might wonder ” how is Issaiss always outsmarted his colleagues for almost four decades in a row “? Well, To understand his behavior (state of mind) and to expect what his next bold move is, one has to make a background check on him. By collecting his every and single major decision and actions possible. Then these actions and decisions always have links to some sort of hidden causes of course. But also they are related to one another and they are in sequence which helps to determine you his next move or action or where he is heading. The methods he applies are a genuine teaching of again MACHAVELI.

You see, during the armed struggle, this guy was investing intensively on himself specially by learning and reading all the dirty, bold and bloody tricks. He distanced himself from his colleagues specially from those who can distract and derail him from his dream. He was mastering all the evil books he can get , he practiced all the evil tricks in real live situations until he became a master and confident enough that leads him to be paranoia. Thats why he is always 10+ years ahead of his peers. He was always busy and cautious to achieve his ultimate goal. And he achived it , of course. Even now everything is going according to his plan. that’s why his every and single decision is a calculated move.

Someone might argue that Issiass Afeworki is not that smart enough, or others may say ” look what have he done to the country ?” Well, you have the right to say, he is immoral, paranoid, evil , blood sucking monster or what ever…. But look, This guy is going according to his OWN vision/plan. And by the way , according to him his ultimate goal is to stay in power any means necessary. And he is still in power, so according to him he is successful on what he plans. ” be the Boss , at all cost” or you might say “ends justify means” again Niccolo Machiavelli. He defines succes according to his own set goals not according to your goals.

So a guy like Issaiss with much blood on his hand , who has nobody to trust, who has nightmares on his sleep, who has extreme paranoia , and who leads a life through a strict Machavelian way ; won’t let anybody closer let alone to let them interfere in their life time project . There is only one way to terminate him and that’s the only way he understands. “those who live by the sword , shall perish by the sword” or if I might say “those who live by the gun , shall die by the gun”.


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  1. I have an issue with you calling it an evil book, it’s a strategy book. what kind of evil book tells you to be a good person until necessary to do otherwise? you’re applying modern morality to a 500 year old book, you shouldn’t judge the past with the morals of today but with the morals of the time



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